deep tissue  / sports massage


deep tissue / sports massage


Prue Greentree is a highly experienced Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist with a passion for healthy nutrition and lifestyle. Massage can be used to enhance our wellbeing and can be adapted to everyone’s needs ensuring they respect the journey their body has been on, regardless of age or level of fitness.

Have you been looking for an effective deep tissue massage but never found one that hits all the right spots? Raynor Massage is an astounding therapy with one single goal, which is simply to find and remove TENSION from the body. This is not some kind of ‘fluffy’ massage but works with precision and the appropriate depth to get results.

The word “RELAX” literally means to bring back to a state of looseness. Massage is so vital and beneficial to our busy lives; it helps heal sporting injuries, removes toxins, reduce stress, and as well as being a great way to keep life in balance. 

Combining Prue’s extensive yoga knowledge and experience with massage ensures that your massage is individualised to your needs. She has a strong attention to detail when it comes to the alignment of the body, taking you deeper into your body to actually release the tension.

Treatment Rates

£60.00 for 1 hour massage treatment
£80.00 for 1.5 hours treatment
£100.00 for 2 hour treatment  

This allows more time to get to the root of the tension whether it is caused by physical or emotional reasons.
£150.00 for 3 x 1 hour treatments (valid for 6 months)
Gift certificates are available


Massage locations

Prue is a mobile massage therapist based in hammersmith & Fulham, London


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